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Swim Tracking with the Withings Activite and Activite Pop

By On July 8, 2015

A firmware update from Withings will enable the Activite and Activite Pop series of fitness tracking watches to automatically detect swimming as an activity. The auto-detection feature is a first on the… Read More


Activity Tracking With Mobile Apps

By On March 29, 2015

Recently I came across a study that suggests activity tracking with mobile devices can be as accurate as off-the-shelf purchasable activity trackers. I begged to differ since it really boils down to the brand… Read More

Withings_Activité-Pop_range copy

Withings Activite Pop

By On January 5, 2015

Hot on the heels of the Activite watch, Withings has just released a range of colourful analog watches with built in activity tracking; the Withings Activite Pop. Colourful, lightweight and every bit a… Read More


Withings Activité

By On November 8, 2014

Announced close to 5 month ago, a limited quantity of Withings Activité is now available for pre-order . Priced at $450, even newly released trackers like Jawbone UP3, the Basis Peak or even the yet… Read More

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Withings Aura – Best Way To Start The Day

By On August 27, 2014

First announced at CES 2014, the Withings Aura sleep monitoring system consists of a sleep sensor that slips under your mattress and a bedside device that tracks your sleep patterns. The bedside device is a multi-colour… Read More

White-iPhone5-Face-wellness-levels copy

New Withings Health Mate App.

By On July 6, 2014

Owners of select iOS devices can now join and compete with their friends who own the Withings Pulse fitness trackers. The updated Health Mate app allows step tracking using the sensor in the smart… Read More

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Withings Activité Timepiece

By On June 26, 2014

Withings, the company that brought us the Pulse and the Smart Body Analyzer, announced that they will be releasing a new product, the Withings Activité; a marriage between haute couture and technology. Understanding… Read More


Withings Pulse Ox Fitness Tracker

By On April 27, 2014

I own a Withings Pulse and gave up with the sleep monitoring when the velcro cloth band it came with worn out over time. Furthermore, the whole idea of removing the tracker… Read More

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GadFit’s Picks: Sleep Trackers

By On March 20, 2014

I have to admit, I lack sleep. I make time for work, for overtime, for loved ones, for acquaintances, but i make little effort to ensure the body gets enough sleep. Late… Read More

Whithings Pulse

Feel The Withings Pulse (Updated 25th June 2014)

By On December 15, 2013

Withings Pulse is an activity tracker from French company Withings. Some of you might be aware of the blood pressure monitors and the wireless Aria weighing scales. Yes this is that company.… Read More