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Fitbit Alta – In Depth Review – GadFit

By On April 3, 2016

Fitbit’s newest fitness tracker focuses heavily on  making activity tracking an effortless part of your life.  Needless to say, the previous generation of fitness trackers such as the Charge or Surge series, while… Read More


Misfit Ray – In Depth Review – GadFit

By On March 27, 2016

The Misfit Ray is a breakaway from the signature flat disc design that we’ve come to associate with Misfit Wearables. While it’s being marketed as a discreet everyday accessory with a heavy… Read More


Fitbit Blaze – In Depth Review – GadFit (updated 29th March 2016)

By On March 22, 2016

Besides Garmin, Fitbit is probably one of the few fitness companies to actively roll out fitness trackers in 2016. The wrist wearable tech scene is a far cry from 2014-2015 when companies… Read More


Mio PAI – Review – GadFit (Updated 14th Feb 2016)

By On February 7, 2016

Having heard about the Mio PAI algorithm from CES 2016,  I decided to give the mobile app a test this week with the economically priced Mio Link optical heart rate sensor. An iPhone 5S… Read More


Xiaomi Mi Band 1S – Hands On Review – GadFit

By On December 10, 2015

By now you should’ve heard about the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker‘s ranking of vendors by volume shipped. Fitbit is first, followed by Apple with the Apple Watch, and in… Read More


Garmin Forerunner 235 – In Depth Review – GadFit

By On December 6, 2015

The shipment for my Forerunner 235 was delayed as the seller said they were facing unforseen demand. When I finally got my hands on the unit (it arrived 10 days later than promised… Read More


Polar A360 versus Garmin Vivosmart HR (Updated 17th April 2016)

By On December 1, 2015

I’ve been asked this question so many times I figured I’d dedicated the first “Versus” series in my blog to Polar and Garmin, both whom released their respective in house optical heart rate… Read More


Elevate Your Training with Garmin Vivosmart HR – In Depth Review (Updated 30th Jan 2016)

By On November 29, 2015

Just a few months back, Garmin was using Mio Global’s technology in their Forerunner 225. Fast forward to the present and Garmin has released the Vivosmart HR; the first of company’s arsenal of devices… Read More


Polar A360 – In Depth Review – GadFit (Updated 17th April 2016)

By On November 19, 2015

Polar A360 is the first optical heart rate sensor ever from the Finnish based company. Amidst the grueling fight for consumer’s hearts, pun intended, Polar has finally entered the ring with the Polar… Read More


Microsoft Band 2 – In Depth Review

By On November 16, 2015

The original Microsoft Band didn’t manage to create that hard-to-forget impression on the wearable tech market. In fact it was only “fondly” remembered for the poor fit and slow upgrades. A year on, Microsoft… Read More


Misfit Shine 2 – Successor to Misfit’s Crown Jewel

By On October 31, 2015

Misfit Wearables has rolled out a few products this year but never quite hit the nail on the spot. While the Flash re-defined the benchmark of an affordable fitness tracker and the… Read More


Garmin Vivoactive – The Swiss Army Knife of Fitness Trackers (Updated 1st Nov 2015)

By On October 10, 2015

About half a year back, Garmin released the Garmin Vivoactive, a GPS fitness tracker that offered limited smart watch functions. It was ultra light weight and extremely slim profiled for a fitness tracker… Read More

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