About Me


Sunny Singapore is where I call home, I was very active in my younger days; played a multitude of sports ranging from basketball, badminton, football, swimming, track and field and so on. Naturally I became a physical education teacher. A very fulfilling career if I might add. The bulk of my time is spent encouraging young people to find joy in staying active.

In 2012, I received my first activity tracker in the form of a Fitbit One when my best friend bought one around the same time. That effectively kick-started my interest in activity trackers. It’s been a while since then and wearable tech and activity trackers have come a long way; there’s nearly a tracker for every function you can think of. And here’s when an objective review matters in sussing out the good from the bad, the overpriced from the value for money.

I try to find time to write reviews and post some news regularly. I usually lag behind other blogs that are happy to wear a device for a day and write a review from there. GadFit is not about that. Writing reviews from a user’s perspective takes time.

The growing readership is an encouraging stamp of approval so thanks for dropping by to read the blog and I hope you find something you like here.

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