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Fitbit Blaze – In Depth Review – GadFit (updated 29th March 2016)

By On March 22, 2016

Besides Garmin, Fitbit is probably one of the few fitness companies to actively roll out fitness trackers in 2016. The wrist wearable tech scene is a far cry from 2014-2015 when companies… Read More

fitbit alta on wrist

Fitbit Alta -News – GadFit

By On February 5, 2016

Accessorising has never been a strong suit of Fitbit’s. While the Flex and Zip series came with choices of coloured clips and wrist straps, customisation was always left to 3rd party producers… Read More


Fitbit Blaze

By On January 7, 2016

Fitbit just announced their newest tracker at CES 2016. The Fitbit Blaze adopts a more smart watch like appearance different from the wrist strap look more commonly identified with the Flex and… Read More


Fitbit Charge HR and Surge Smarts Up

By On November 25, 2015

With the exception of new colour variation releases for the Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge, it’s been quiet over at the Fitbit front towards the end of this year; no rumours… Read More


Activity Tracking With Mobile Apps

By On March 29, 2015

Recently I came across a study that suggests activity tracking with mobile devices can be as accurate as off-the-shelf purchasable activity trackers. I begged to differ since it really boils down to the brand… Read More


Fitbit Charge HR In Depth Review

By On February 7, 2015

Fitbit makes great products. I still have my Fitbit One which I purchased during the holiday seasons of 2013. Since then I’ve moved on to a Fitbit Zip which I deem as the… Read More

fitbit charge feature photo

Fitbit Charge Review

By On November 15, 2014

Think Fitbit Force with caller ID and water-resistant of 1 ATM. That’s the Fitbit Charge for you. The first of a series of 3 fitness trackers released by Fitbit, the Fitbit Charge delivers caller… Read More

fitbit flex tracker

Fitbit Flex

By On October 25, 2014

I’ve had the Fitbit Flex tracker for a while now but never got down to reviewing it properly. With the impending release of the new Fitbit trackers I thought its the right time… Read More

new fitbit tracker feature

New Fitbit trackers-Charge, Charge HR, Surge (Updated 27/10/2014)

By On October 15, 2014

The prodigal son returns! After an absence due to the recalled Fitbit Force, Fitbit has returned with 3 new fitness trackers, offering goodies like caller IDs and heart rate monitoring. The new… Read More


Fitbit app update – You’re challenged!

By On October 12, 2014

The latest Fitbit app update delves deeper in the realm of gamification. Instead of merely ranking you against your friends (or frenemies) you have the option of throwing down your gauntlet at the most worthy… Read More

windows and fitbit logo

Fitbit for Windows

By On July 30, 2014

Companies that peddle fitness wearables typically launch their apps for iOS platform, followed by Android platform due to the fragmentation. Windows? Well… 2 days ago, Fitbit completed the grand slam of having… Read More

tb123-e1405441985868 copy

Tory Burch Fitbit Collection

By On July 19, 2014

Since February, we’ve been rubbing our hands eagerly wondering what might birth from the marriage of fashion and fitness. The much anticipated Tory Burch Fitbit collaboration to release a line of accessories for… Read More

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