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Withings Go Back to Basics

By On January 7, 2016

Of all the CES 2016 announcements, the one from Withings took me by surprise in a pleasant way. The company more known for its weighing scales and Activite line of pseudo smart… Read More


Misfit Shine 2 – Successor to Misfit’s Crown Jewel

By On October 31, 2015

Misfit Wearables has rolled out a few products this year but never quite hit the nail on the spot. While the Flash re-defined the benchmark of an affordable fitness tracker and the… Read More


Lumo Run – In Good Form

By On October 14, 2015

The company that wanted to help you improve your posture now wants to work on your running form. Lumo Bodytech’s newest product, the Lumo Run, aims to track all you running metrics… Read More


Misfit Speedo Shine – Hands On Review – GadFit

By On September 20, 2015

Validated by Speedo’s Aqualab testing, the new Speedo Shine tracks laps and distance swam so you don’t have to. Throw in 24/7 activity tracking and this collaboration between Misfit Wearables and Speedo… Read More


Misfit adds web dashboard for its wearables.

By On June 17, 2015

Starting today, owners of Misfit Flash and Shine can access their tracked stats on the web. With the implementation of the wed bashboard, Misfit wearables joins the ranks of companies like Fitbit,… Read More


Bellabeat Leaf – the tracker for women

By On June 11, 2015

Last year Netatmo June introduced UV levels tracking and today we see that feature in multi-function trackers like the Microsoft Band and the Asus Vivowatch. It seems every passing day brings about… Read More

spinning LEDs jawbone move

Jawbone UP Move Review

By On December 10, 2014

Jawbone has joined Fitbit and Misfit Wearables in offering a range of activity trackers to suit everyone from the competitively priced Jawbone UP Move to the high end Jawbone UP3. The Jawbone Move… Read More

misfit flash feature

Misfit Flash Review

By On November 19, 2014

Misfit Wearables seems determined to increase their share of quantifying activity with the release of their newest activity tracker the Misfit Flash. At half the price,the Misfit Flash functions almost identically to… Read More

Fitness Tracker buying guide

Best Fitness Trackers Below $50

By On November 12, 2014

It can get daunting finding out which is the best value for money fitness tracker on the market. After using so many fitness trackers I dare say you pay for what you get, most of… Read More

jawbone new trackers feature

Jawbone UP3 and Move

By On November 5, 2014

The Jawbone series of fitness trackers have always ranked high on the list of wearables I’ve reviewed. From the mobile app right down to the hardware, it was always stylish, intuitive, simple… Read More


Fitbit app update – You’re challenged!

By On October 12, 2014

The latest Fitbit app update delves deeper in the realm of gamification. Instead of merely ranking you against your friends (or frenemies) you have the option of throwing down your gauntlet at the most worthy… Read More

STORE_flash_banner_images_fuchsia copy

Misfit Flash Fitness and Sleep Monitor

By On September 17, 2014

Misfit Wearables just announced the release of a new fitness tracker; one aimed at the trendy and sporty with colours like Zest, Frost, Fuchsia to boot. With functions near identical to the… Read More

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