Garmin Vivofit 3

By On February 21, 2016

I still remember the original Vivofit from 2 years back. Great device that fell slightly short on delivery; lack of back light and audio alerts. Fast forward 2 years and Garmin’s Vivofit… Read More


Garmin Vivoactive HR

By On February 20, 2016

With the exception of the Misfit Ray, Fitbit’s Blaze and Alta, and Withings’ GO tracker, the wearable scene has been largely quiet in terms of product releases. So it was a much… Read More


Mio PAI – Review – GadFit (Updated 14th Feb 2016)

By On February 7, 2016

Having heard about the Mio PAI algorithm from CES 2016,  I decided to give the mobile app a test this week with the economically priced Mio Link optical heart rate sensor. An iPhone 5S… Read More

fitbit alta on wrist

Fitbit Alta -News – GadFit

By On February 5, 2016

Accessorising has never been a strong suit of Fitbit’s. While the Flex and Zip series came with choices of coloured clips and wrist straps, customisation was always left to 3rd party producers… Read More


Improve your Golf Game with the new Garmin Approach S20, G10 and Tru Swing Sensor

By On January 31, 2016

Garmin has been known to release its line of products in waves. You don’t just get a single product but variations, be it functions or colours, designed to cater to as many… Read More


Fenix 3 HR – News – GadFit

By On January 30, 2016

Garmin’s Fenix series of multisport GPS watches have always had the reputation of being rugged and functional; probably one of the few essential pieces of equipment you’ll need if you’re into outdoor sports.… Read More


Under Armour Health Box – News – GadFit

By On January 24, 2016

To fully comprehend how hungry Under Armour wants in on your fitness lifestyle, you have to take a look at the company’s publicity video for its Health Box; 3 devices that form a fitness… Read More


Misfit Ray

By On January 22, 2016

Misfit Wearables is not stranger to the fitness tracker industry; by now we should all be acquainted with Misfit’s signature disc designs. So it was a pleasant surprise when their newest activity… Read More


Running For A Cause – Mental Muscle

By On January 17, 2016

Last year, by a stroke of serendipity, I encountered four young doctors-to-be who banded together in August to form Mental Muscle, an initiative aimed at raising funds and awareness for mental health.… Read More


Mio Slice and PAI

By On January 8, 2016

Read my review of the Mio PAI app here. The last product to be released by Mio Global was the Mio Alpha 2 back in early 2015. Then it was all quiet with the occasional… Read More


Withings Go Back to Basics

By On January 7, 2016

Of all the CES 2016 announcements, the one from Withings took me by surprise in a pleasant way. The company more known for its weighing scales and Activite line of pseudo smart… Read More


Fitbit Blaze

By On January 7, 2016

Fitbit just announced their newest tracker at CES 2016. The Fitbit Blaze adopts a more smart watch like appearance different from the wrist strap look more commonly identified with the Flex and… Read More

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