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PulseOn Review

By On December 5, 2014

Every individual differs physically and physiologically but what’s undeniable is the trove of information hidden within our heart rate. PulseOn is the company that intends to help consumers make sense of the… Read More

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Jaybird Reign Review

By On November 26, 2014

More commonly known for its line of Bluetooth ear buds, Jaybird released its maiden fitness tracker in the form of Jaybird Reign. Boasting automatic activity and sleep tracking plus the capability to read heart… Read More

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Runtastic Orbit – In Depth Review

By On September 12, 2014

Runtastic, the company more commonly known for their exercise apps, is no stranger to releasing its in-house exercise accessories and equipment. Nevertheless, the company’s foray onto the wrist estate in the form… Read More

LG lifetouch front

LG Lifeband Touch

By On August 13, 2014

About half a year back, LG unveiled the Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker to much fanfare. Touted as the future of fitness, it got people sitting up with its promise of advanced activity… Read More

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Sony Core SmartBand SWR10

By On June 27, 2014

From the makers of the Walkman, Trinitron televisions and Playstation comes the tiniest gadget Sony has made so far, the Sony Core SmartBand SWR10. The release of an activity tracker from Sony… Read More

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