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Best Heart Rate Fitness Trackers (17th Dec 2015)

By On December 17, 2015

If you’re considering between a heart rate monitor and a fitness tracker, you can get both now. 2015 is the year of optical heart rate sensors and I’ve curated 8 best heart rate fitness trackers ; the… Read More


Basis Peak – In Depth Review – GadFit (Updated April 2016)

By On December 14, 2014

When the Basis B1 was released, it was ahead of its time. Touting information such as skin temperature, perspiration and 24/7 heart rate tracking it reinvented the definition of an activity tracker. Yet companies… Read More


Basis Band For Excellence

By On February 2, 2014

When the Basis Band was first officially released in 2013, it met with overwhelming orders. Being one of the enthusiasts, i signed up and when my chance to purchase came, i passed.… Read More

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